Blink: The Best Tool for Bottom-Up Bitcoin Adoption

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•The Bitcoin Beach Wallet has changed its name to “Blink” to better reflect its goal of creating a circular Bitcoin economy.
•Blink features in-app Bitcoin education, merchant features for businesses, and integration with Nostr for tipping, testing or traveling.
•The new name reflects the wallet’s speed and positivity and is meant to evoke the feeling of receiving one’s first sats.

Name Change

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet has officially changed its name to “Blink” to better reflect its vision of becoming the best tool for “bottom-up Bitcoin adoption.” The name change reflects the wallet’s expansion beyond its original intended purpose.


Blink plans to enable any user to set their local currency in Q2 2023, making it easier for users to onboard and use bitcoin. The wallet also features in-app Bitcoin education, where users can earn sats for learning about Bitcoin’s basics. Blink also has merchant features that make it easy and flexible for businesses to receive payments over Lightning and on-chain, including LN address, a Lightning cash register, and a printable pay code. Blink also integrates Nostr, making it a go-to custodial wallet for tipping, testing or traveling.


According to Blink’s team, “the declared purpose of becoming the best tool for bottom-up Bitcoin adoption has attracted tens of thousands of active users and many requests for features that would increase utility and accessibility across countries and cultures.” The team’s vision for Blink is for it to be available in every language where there’s a Bitcoin community project.


The press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine described how the wallet’s name change is significant, as its previous acronym was “problematic.” Blink’s new name represents “speed and positivity,” and it will communicate with customers well before changing the name and icon of the app. According to the team, “the name Blink represents the glimmer in the eye of a person who just received their first sats. It’s the embodiment of a transaction zapping across the world, connecting two people who never before could transmit value to each other.”


In conclusion, TheBitcoin Beach Wallet has changed its name from ‘Bitcoin Beach’ into ‘Blink’, which better expresses its ambition of being an effective instrument towards bottom-up bitcoin adoption all over worldwide languages that have bitcoin communities projects attached within them . It aims towards providing users with accessibilities such as setting up their local currency by Q 2 2023 , earning satoshis through engaging into bitcoin educations , having smooth transactions (on – chain & lightning) with merchants along with other additional functionalities like tiping , testing & travelling etc .. Lastly , this new rename holds meanings such as speed & positivity as well as invoking feelings when they receive their first few satoshis .